Machine Design & Execution

Flexible and reliable programming for machine builders

As a control systems integrator, our company can be involved in all aspects of a project with machine builders, including the design and installation phases. Our broad knowledge and experience in automation makes us valuable contributors from the early stages of the project. The extent of our involvement will be customized to meet your specific requirements, but we have found that projects tend to be most successful when we are involved in the following phases

Automation Project Phases

1. Investigate and agree on specifics

Our process involves reviewing any available documentation and conducting stakeholder interviews to comprehend and formulate project requirements. If you have already specified the requirements, we will evaluate and collaborate with you to guarantee their feasibility. The determination of requirements can either be a separate project phase or can be done before providing a quote for implementation, depending on your needs.

2. System and software design

The design of a system should not be approached in a siloed manner, as the mechanical, electrical, and automation software elements are interconnected. Achieving the best results requires a collaborative, iterative approach that considers all engineering aspects simultaneously. As control systems integrators, we bring a unique viewpoint that can assist in avoiding costly mistakes.

Safety Design

Our company has a proven track record in designing safety systems, giving you peace of mind that your machine meets the latest safety standards and best practices, including ISO 13849 and ISO 12100.

  • Safety hardware

  • Guarding considerations

  • E-stop and safe motion behavior

3. Offline programming development

While you are building and installing your equipment, our team works from our offices to program the system. Regular status meetings are conducted to ensure a prompt response to any design changes.

4. Programming and design reviews

We establish significant milestones where we meet with your team for a progress review, to confirm that the project is on track and meets the requirements. In some situations, we can even demonstrate how the software will operate at your location

5. Commissioning

We collaborate with your team to create a commissioning plan that takes into account personnel resources, schedules, and approaches for an efficient startup. In many instances, we can perform part or all of the commissioning remotely.

We can lead or assist in:

  • Control system activation and setup.

  • Input-Output (IO) Checkout

  • Function Testing

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

  • Training

6. Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

We can provide additional installation support and testing at the end location or remotely.

7. On-site and/or remote support

We can provide minor adjustments or troubleshooting as needed for the on-site operations team.