Marine Automation Systems

Control System Applications for Marine Propulsion, Ballast, Engines, and Thrusters

Drive Efficiency Aboard Your Vessel

Optimize Equipment Performance and Improve Reliability

The shipbuilding industry is facing significant challenges today, such as rising energy costs, stricter enviromental regulations and a growing demand for larger ships that can serve multiple purposes. In order to create diesel electric vessels that are efficient and cost-effective, ship builders must find solutions that can withstand the harsh marine environment. 

Marine automation and control systems are crucial for ships, as they help improve engine performance , thruster control, ballast management, propulsion, steering and more. By using a common shipboard architecture, ships can have a centralized control system that offers a comprehensive view of operations. Maximize your Ship’s Efficiency with Evail Automations :

  • Reduce crew
  • Enhance operational performance
  • Access spare parts and support personnel worldwide in real time
  • Extend asset lifespan
  • The results: Fleets become more efficient. Commercial and naval operations that are more cost-effective