Pre-Engineering Consulting Services

Get the advice you need to make informed decisions

Start off Strong

Taking the leap to invest in capital expenditure projects should not be taken lightly. Consulting with the right partner can save you time and money before your project even starts. Before the first order is placed, decisions are made about the automation process, hardware, and safety design which, if not considered carefully, can incur huge unexpected costs to your project after it’s started. Evails’s team of highly skilled engineers have years of experience automating manufacturing processes and can provide support in making the right decisions today to avoid costly pitfalls later.

Our specialties:

  • Safety consultation

  • Participation in FMEA / Risk Analysis

  • SISTEMA documentation

  • Safety system validation

  • Process design

    • We’ll come out to your factory floor and design an automation process based on your existing operations

  • Data collection

    • We work with your IT and OT teams to design a data flow which provides value to your front office and is compatible with the technologies that you want on your floor

  • Hardware specification

    • We’ll help you find the right hardware for your process based on your performance targets and existing technologies