Retrofits and Optimization

Make the most of your existing equipment


Adding new features to an existing machine can pose a major challenge, especially when the codebase is disorganized, the programs are written in an unfamiliar language, or the controller brand is not well-known by your team. However, at Evail, we have expertise in investigating machines that have already gone through the commissioning process and adding new capabilities or improving existing ones.

Common applications include:

  • Enhancing machine functionality

  • Efficient and reliable data managementfor business intelligence


Recurrent malfunctions, suboptimal motion sequences, and inadequate collection of  OEE data can limit the potential of your machine. At Evail, we provide cross-functional advice based on our extensive industry knowledge to our customers. Along with improving the physical performance of the machine, we also offer support in optimizing processes for maximum efficiency.

Common applications include:

  • Servo/motion/path optimization for improved cycle time

  • Improving workflows by integrating operator feedback

Persistent faults, un-optimized motion sequences, and poor collection of OEE data mean that you aren’t getting as much out of your machine as you could. Our customers can expect us to offer up cross-domain advice informed from our broad industry experience. In addition to optimizing physical machine performance, we can help you optimize processes as well.

Common applications include:

    • Motion control optimization
    • Servo optimization
    • Path trajectory optimization
    • Updating workflows with operator involvement